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 Meeting Minutes/Notes

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PostSubject: Meeting Minutes/Notes   Meeting Minutes/Notes EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 7:52 pm

Here is where we will archive our meeting minutes for the time being. Please feel free to add items that are missed in our notes.

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PostSubject: Notes from 11/30/12 Meeting   Meeting Minutes/Notes EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 8:22 pm

SnoValley Food Coop Meeting Minutes

Introductions—Origins and intentions of this project (Alex and Dana); who are you, why are you here?

Desires of attendees in terms of local food system and interest in co-op project:
Eating the food that is here;know your food and where it came from
Creating community; having a gathering place for like-minded people/a physical space to bump into your neighbors
Bringing farmers together with people who eat their product
Creating a self-sustaining food system
Eating organic, local produce; Year-round local food
Being part of a cooperative economy
Bringing available resources together
Keeping money in the community
Supporting cottage industries
Shopping at an industry that we can be a part of
Learning how a co-op starts
Increasing food justice, food access, stability of food system
Reversing the trend of decline in farms
Having a solid location for the sale of local food and nutritious products

Ideas of attendees about what a co-op could look like; constraints and considerations:
-A pop-up co-op, like a year-long farmer’s market (increase farm revenue)
-Indoor Farmer’s Market
-Hybrid; example: host at Grange for a couple days (open to public), and also a buying club; evolve into a storefront
-Valley is long—one location? Could do less than a whole store front (pieces in different locations)
-Van/mobile co-op or food hub
-There used to be a Jubalee truck that sold excess produce at reduced prices (could pick this back up)
-Build in education as part of co-op (host classes)
-Sell other products: bulk grains, beans, shampoo, soap, honey, etc
-Low-investment to start since a storefront is complex; begin with lots of talking and research
-How large of an area are we sourcing products from?
-There are sources from Eastern, WA that go through NB—Could stop on the way to deliver to Oly or wherever else; We could tack onto other co-ops orders to keep prices lower (LOOK INTO THIS)
-How to accept “unofficial” products for resale at co-op? (Not possible, but could be advertised at a community board; collaboration with these sources to help them grow)
-Could help get local food into local restaurants
-Could encourage bartering and build a community around bartering (community board)
-Everyone contributes some investment
-Could get help from Northwest Cooperative Development Center in Olympia and other co-ops
(they could come present or we could go to them) (LOOKINTO THIS)

Goal: Meet by end of January.

Research/to do for next meeting:
- Bylaws (how to write, examples, etc)
-Collaborating with and learning from other co-ops
-Ideas for meeting schedule/structure
-Group process/decision making
-Spaces to share/partner with
-Name for the group
-Look into distributors that already come through the valley/tacking onto Oly co-op orders
-Non-profit legal issues/requirements
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PostSubject: Notes from 1/8/13 Meeting   Meeting Minutes/Notes EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 8:22 pm

SnoValley Food Coop Meeting Minutes

Pre-Meeting Prep--
-Emailed Madison Market re: visits/chatting
-Emailed Annette Cottrell re: quarterly buys → heard back. We’ve been added to the group “East of Seattle Buying Club” and Annette told the folks from that group that they should join forces with us and follow our lead, but we will need their help figuring out who the distributors are. Annette can’t make it tonight but she is interested in meeting with us soon to talk more about this idea.
-Researched bulk distributors

1 - introductions/overview of last meeting for newcomers
2 - announcements -- scheduling, problems with listserv? grange meeting
3 - present on research topics -- including East of Seattle Buying Club, quarterly buys, etc.
4 - discussion of stakeholders and stakeholder interests, elaboration on goals (community visibility and accessibility), feasibility checklist, steering committee? What is the main need we are trying to satisfy?
5 - research projects for next time -- grants and funding, ideas for community visibility

Other goals for today--
--Decide what we want to communicate at the grange meeting? Are we making a proposal/presentation?
(Yes, based on progress with Grant application)
--Plan meeting times: Are weekends better for most people? Sunday afternoon meetings? Alternate location since libraries are closed? Online poll? Second Sunday/Friday of every month? Potluck and progress report?
(Friday evenings for now, open to all, steering/most involved decide on meeting times)

--Write a mission statement in small group, then email out to larger group for comment.
Notes for Mission Statement -- community development, health and well-being, economic and social justice, education, food accessibility, supporting local production, cooperative economics (as opposed to competitive economics), supporting farms and farmers, promoting resilience
--Ideas: start with vision and visibility (what is the path we are taking to get to our ultimate goal?); public location to allow for flyering/advertising to wider community; promotional video for kickstarter campaign; apply for Snoqualmie Tribe Grant: Jan 31st due date, use nonprofit status through Transition, for funding for a feasibility study

To do before February meeting:
--Research local investors (Slow Money NW), research cooperative economics
chapter 23.78 RCW Employee Cooperative Corporations 23.86 RCW Cooperative Associations 24.06 RCW Nonprofit miscellaneous and mutual corporations
--Update website (Alex/Dana)
--Start Facebook page (Chris)
--Send out emails to new members (Alex)
--Write grant (Alex and Dana)
--Write mission statement (Alex and Dana)
--Prep for Grange meeting (Melissa and Alex and Dana)
--Prep for next meeting (survey/propose meetings to membership, advertise w/ advanced agenda) (Alex/Dana)
--Send: “How to Start a Food Co-op” to steering; post on website (Alex)
--Notify Transition board members of grant application status (Darian)
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Minutes/Notes   Meeting Minutes/Notes Empty

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Meeting Minutes/Notes
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